Jerry has been a trainer of athletes for 30 years. During his vast experience Jerry has trained athletes from around the globe for professional, amateur, and Olympic Games across several sports. Throughout Jerry’s successful career, he has attained a success rate and improvement rate in his athletes unmatched in sport producing numerous Olympic medals, international, national, amateur and professional titles.

In Jerry’s 30 years of experience, he has developed proven techniques for developing athletes. As a motocross trainer, Jerry’s training is different from most. Jerry trains his athletes in techniques to attain speed by respecting laws of physics and body mechanics rather than motocross tradition. Jerry also believes in training his athletes in an individualized, holistic manner; therefore all riders’ programs include all of the following components and are developed to meet the riders’ specific needs:


Jerry develops his athletes with best riding techniques based on physics and body mechanics.


The mind is an athlete’s worst enemy or best ally. Jerry’s training program prepares riders to handle the stresses and pressures that come along with the sport of motocross.


Jerry ensures that physical fitness is correctly blended with athlete’s motocross training to produce optimal results.


Your diet plays a massive role in your physical and mental health. We understand the value of a focused mind and body, and make sure that your diet right to keep them both functioning optimally.

The importance of training at His 956 Facility

Everyone, including other trainers, is welcomed at His 956 Facility. All riders will greatly benefit from the training environment that His 956 Facility has to offer. Jerry’s daily track changes are designed with awareness for safety and technique and implemented to increase rider adaptability. Jerry’s tracks are incredibly challenging (i.e., gnarly) while targeting specific technical skills from the riders and minimizing major risk to the athlete, as rider mistakes will occur.

His 956 Facility and the Masterpools are here to make the sport safer, more competitive, and to ensure that we never loose sight of growing and embracing the racer’s passion towards the sport.

training with Jerry Masterpool

Training with Jerry Masterpool