The Tracks at His 956 Facility are maintained to pristine quality standards and change nearly every day. From the fastest guys in the industry, to the up and comer that is just getting into the sport, His 956 Facility has the environment for everyone to learn and progress their motocross skills.

Our 95.6 acre facility is home to motocross tracks of various skill levels for riders from beginner to national pro motocrosser. At His 956 Facility, we have access to several different types of soil right on the property, which allows us to prepare you for virtually any terrain you will encounter during competition.

Jerry Masterpool loves designing tracks that allow for more competitive racing and reduce the number of collisions and injuries that occur during competition. When commissioned to build a motocross track, Jerry offers his insight to enhance the track and make it safer, rather than simply building the track to spec and moving on to the next project.

The equipment and the racers in this sport have evolved to be faster, better, and stronger. Jerry wants to evolve the way MX tracks are built to keep up with this progression, and feels that it is a necessity for your safety as well as the advancement of motocross as a whole. Your passion for the sport drives our passion to support you. The team at His 956 Facility strives to provide the best facility to grow racers’ love of racing and progress the sport by designing the track to allow you to ride faster, harder, and safer.

Contact us today with any questions you may have, or simply head on out to the track!